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Dairy welfare
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The term "animal welfare", proposed by American Hughes in 1976, refers to the state of mental and physical health in which the animals are in harmony with their environment in the farm.
How to prevent sheep's disease from the body's body temperature?
Disease prevention is one of the key tasks in the development of sheep farms. While sheep disease is accompanied by various symptoms, the change of body temperature is most obvious.
What is the easiest disease of a cow in summer
What is the easiest disease of a cow in summer Since the summer and autumn rainy season is high temperature, high humidity, especially after the flood, all kinds of grain feed
Using small instruments to reduce the cost of medicine bath
Milking is the core in the management of cow feeding. Good mechanical equipment and good operation standard are important means to ensure the health of cattle and the quality and safety of dairy cattl
Prophylactic treatment of mastitis with front and back medicine bath liquid
At present, povidone iodine is the main medicine bath in China. In fact, the higher the iodine content, the better the bactericidal ability, the better the consciousness is completely wrong.
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