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What is the easiest disease of a cow in summer

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What is the easiest disease of a cow in summer Since the summer and autumn rainy season is high temperature, high humidity, especially after the flood, all kinds of grain feed
What is the easiest disease of a cow in summer
Since the summer and autumn rainy season is high temperature, high humidity, especially after the flood, all kinds of grain feed, animal and plant high protein feed, fermented silage and too much green grass and green vegetables are not easy to preserve. The feed is easy to be dampened, especially the fodder that has been blistered, which is more easily changed, mouldy and rotten. All the rotten feed contains Clostridium botulinum, such as cattle, such as cattle and other animals that eat the rotting grass and drink the spoiled water, and the Clostridium botulinum will breed in the cattle and produce the metabolites with toxins, which cause an acute food toxic toxemia of a human, animal and poultry, also called the botulinum. Mycosis or botulism.
The disease is most likely to occur in cattle, sheep and horses, followed by pigs. In the current season, farmers should pay more attention to the disease.
1. Symptoms:
(1) the most acute cases of cattle often die without any symptoms.
The acute disease is characterized by palsy of lip, tongue, throat and so on. There are many sudden dysphagia, although there is perception and reflection, but movement paralysis, from the head to the rear body, to the extremities, often lying down but not standing, the head is distorted to one side, sleep like, the pupil is loose, the neck, stomach and the muscle of the femoral part are soft, and finally do not If you eat or drink, your tongue is exposed, saliva is not present, and dry manure and abdominal pain often die on the same day. There are also 4~5 days of procrastination.
(3) Cattle with chronic diseases behave as acute, because of the longer course of disease, often complicated with pneumonia, heart failure, until finally the cattle thin to death.
Two. Prevention and control:
In view of the characteristics of acute disease and rapid death, the disease can not be treated passively, to prevent the treatment, and to fight a good fight, so as to achieve the good effect of prevention and control.
(1) to feed cattle carefully and not to feed cattle with rotting and rotting grass, material and vegetable feed, because moldy feed often causes a large number of breeding of the bacteria and produces toxins. Therefore, we can not save small amounts of money and save hard money.
2. In environmental management, we should clear out the rubbish in the field at any time, and strictly deal with dead animals. In particular, we must do a good job of rodent control and prevent pollution of weeds and grain feedstuffs.
3. Lodge licks bricks freely to lick up the calcium, phosphorus, salt and trace elements needed for cattle and sheep, so as to meet the needs of many kinds of nutrition of cattle. Prevent the emergence of bovine pica, so as not to drink dirty water and lick the corrupt feed.
(4) the discovery of the sick cattle, early diagnosis, early intravenous or intramuscular injection of Clostridium botulinum antitoxin serum, 500-800 milliliters of cattle, or the corresponding injection of the same type antitoxin serum treatment, all have a certain effect.
_Gastriclavage, enema or infusion of quick-acting cathartic should be carried out as soon as possible, or intravenous infusion can reduce the absorption of toxins, excrete bovine toxins. Then add alum water or formalin solution to disinfect the intestine.
6. Guanidine hydrochloride can be used in the treatment of drugs. Some people advocate the use of sedatives and narcotics for sick cattle, which has certain preventive effect on this disease.
IV injection of 10-40% uroopine solution, can be decomposed into ammonia and formic acid, so it has antibacterial effect, can be used in the treatment of concurrent pneumonia, and have diuretic effect. Excitement, strong heart detoxification, can use 20% Caffeine and Sodium Benzoate Injection, 20 milliliters per time, subcutaneous or muscle to shoot.
Cattle that strengthen the care of the sick cattle, chewing and swallowing, can be intravenously injected with glucose solution or saline in order to maintain the physical strength of the sick cattle and promote the recovery as soon as possible.