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What do you do to relieve the sheep in the summer

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When summer comes, many people will lose a few pounds. People often call this phenomenon "bitter summer".
When summer comes, many people will lose a few pounds. People often call this phenomenon "bitter summer". In fact, animals are also like people. They do not think much of food in summer.
In summer, sheep fall fat, which is the common topic of sheep raising households. The main reason is that high temperature, high humidity causes the sheep to eat less, and the daily intake of nutrients is not due to consumption. In order to prevent sheep from losing their fat, measures should be taken from the following aspects.
1. Increase nutrition
1. Feeding high quality forage
Choose good pasture with high palatability and high nutritive value, such as Green Bean Stalk and alfalfa. Especially the newly weaned lambs and pregnant ewes should pay more attention to this.
2. Supplement feed
Adult sheep supplement 300 grams of concentrate every day, and the weaned lambs supplement 250 grams of concentrate every day. Each 100 grams of concentrate, the cake should account for 25%, if you add cotton cake or vegetable cake, need to go through detoxification treatment, method: soak in water for 24 hours, then rinse with water.
3. Feed salt
Add 0.2 grams per kilogram of body weight to maintain acid-base balance in the body. Xiaobian suggests using Haili sheep salt bricks to save time and effort without worrying about excessive consumption.
4. Increase the drinking water
During the hot season, the basin must be kept clean, and water is constantly allowed to let the sheep drink freely.
Two, suitable for management
1. Management of sheep house
In summer, the sheep house should do a good job in preventing the cooling. Air convection windows are arranged at the bottom of the north and south walls of the sheep house; shading is arranged on the sunrise of the sheep house; if the sheep house is a flat tile roof, white lime can be painted or sunshade can be covered. In addition, the screen should be installed to prevent mosquitoes from entering. If the enclosure is too crowded, put it in the yard. Don't be afraid of the dirty yard.
2, early and evening pasture
The sheep must be rested in the morning before 9 o'clock a.m. and then go out to pasture after 5 o'clock p.m. Conditions are not allowed to go late at noon and late at night.
3, night feeding
Not only should the quantity be of quality, but also the feeding time should not be too late.
4. Collocation of forage and green
In order to prevent sheep greedy and overeating pasture with high moisture content, it produces diarrhea and abdominal distention. It should be dry and green. Hay is the best for hay, Yama To and peanut vine.
Three. Prevention and treatment of disease
1. Periodic anthelmintic
The sheep in the summer are injected with avermectin, 0.02 milliliters per kilogram of body weight to drive away the parasites in the body.
2, prevention and treatment of diarrhea
When the sheep are loose, they can take 2 80 thousand units of gentamicin in the morning for 2 days.