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Cattle, look at the tail, know cow disease!

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As the saying goes, the yellow cattle have eighteen sons, which are like brown seeds, eyes like Tung, a roll like a roller, a butt like a locker, a foot like a neck, a mouth like a whistle like a gong
As the saying goes, the yellow cattle have eighteen sons, which are like brown seeds, eyes like Tung, a roll like a roller, a butt like a locker, a foot like a neck, a mouth like a whistle like a gongs, a face like a board, a leg like a wood block, and a long and long tail of a mosquito. In addition to playing the mosquito tail, we can learn more details from its details.
1. Look at the appearance of health from the appearance of the tail
1, the weight of the healthy tails is moderate, the swing is flexible, the amplitude is large, the bad or sick tails are small or curved, the swinging is not flexible and weak, the amplitude is small, the touch tail is not elastic, and the bending performance of the tail vertebra is poor.
2. Fever tail often shows tail curl, ear drop, and less activity.
3. Cold disease cattle tail hair disorder, touch it for cold, if an exogenous cold, then the tail curl, head low, less swing, small amplitude, serious tail straight and inflexible;
4. The abdominal pain of cattle is usually manifested by turning back to look at the abdomen. The tail of the cattle tends to roll to one side, or to swing its head and tail. In severe cases, it starts when lying down, and the tail is clamped in the hind leg.
5. When the cattle suffer from tetanus, the tail is straight, stiff waist and stiff limbs.
6, when the bull's heart is throbbing and panic, its tail is mostly upturned.
7. The ear and tail necrosis of the parasitic trypanosomiasis.
8. The swinging of the tail of the bull's tail is much more oscillating than that of the cold bull tail. The number of swinging times when the cattle walk and the load is more than standing at rest. The number of swinging times when eating is more than that of the non feed, and the number of swinging times in the day is more than that at night.
Two. Watch the pregnancy from the watch of the tail
1, state of mind
When a cow is empty, its tail hangs down and covers completely on the vulva when it is quiet.
See if the cow's tail is built on the vulva
2, the state of estrus
The vulva is congested, swollen and moist with transparent mucus and is large and very sticky.
The mucus character: the mucus from the vagina when the cow is oestrus, can be called the feeling liquid, the liquid from the production to the end, from the color, from the green to the yellow or the white, from the viscosity, the strands from the small to the large, and then from the big to the small, the result is to see the yellow short line or the white short line.
3. Pregnancy
When a cow is planted, the tail is crooked when it is quiet.
The pregnant cow's tail is sideways
The prevention of cow disease is the main and the treatment is supplemented. There is a prerequisite for cows to be estrus and when to breed. With balanced nutrition and healthy growth, cows can avoid many problems.