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Dairy welfare

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The term "animal welfare", proposed by American Hughes in 1976, refers to the state of mental and physical health in which the animals are in harmony with their environment in the farm. 
The term "animal welfare", proposed by American Hughes in 1976, refers to the state of mental and physical health in which the animals are in harmony with their environment in the farm. It is generally believed that animal welfare refers to the external conditions of protecting animals'recreation, that is, the animals given by human beings to meet their recreational conditions.
In the world, the concept of animal welfare has been developed, and it has been widely understood as freedom from hunger and thirst, freedom to live comfortably, freedom from pain, injury and disease, freedom of life without fear and sadness, and freedom to express nature. These five freedoms have been generalized to five basic principles of animal welfare protection.
Generally speaking, we should reduce the pain as much as possible in the process of breeding, feeding, milking, milking, transportation, experimentation, experiment, demonstration, company, work, epidemic prevention and treatment, so as to avoid unnecessary injury and sadness, so that cows can live and produce healthily and cheerfully in the welfare environment and realize lactation and reproduction. Ability is optimized in quantity and quality. Animal welfare advanced countries and regions such as the European Union, the United States and Canada have passed legislation to protect animal welfare.