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Investment agent
Introduction of lick licking manufacturer
The British Thai company has been producing animal licking since 1935. It is the leading manufacturer of global nutritional licking bricks, and has a number of experts and professors in deep research on mineral salts.
Located in the Cheshire region, Lodge's licking bricks are loaded with 99.9% mineral salts, rich in mineral salts left over from the Ice Age.
ISO9002 certified mineral salt purification and purification system
Obtained the EU free sales certificate and organic product certificate.
In Europe, the Loch series is a "designated product of the government department, and is listed as one of the products of the European national nutrition feed program. It is the first choice of the European farmers and ranchers. The Loch brand is the guarantee of quality and value".
Its products are known worldwide for its high density, high nutrient, high absorption, lick tolerance, and not afraid of wind and rain. It has been sold to more than 50 countries and regions in the world.
The honor of lick lick in China
Comply with China's feed hygiene standard and get the Chinese Ministry of agriculture registration license.
In 2002, he won the special prize for the ninth Yangling agricultural hi tech Expo.
In 2003, the product of "loge" was issued by the China agricultural society and the agricultural net of agriculture as "the national agricultural practical new technology and new product project", which issued the honorary certificate and became the key extension project of the country.
In 2004, the Circular of the Chinese rural professional technical association and the rural professional and technical service center of the China Association for science and technology jointly issued a notice on the promotion of the series of lick mineral licking products.
In 2010, lodge lick bricks were inspected by the Shandong provincial inspection and Quarantine Bureau and notifications of "no melamine".
Loch brand nutrition licking brick - rich phosphorus Loch (cow, ewes, young children), red Loch (cattle, beef cattle special), Huang Luoqi (sheep special), in order to better carry out business, to benefit all the farmers everywhere, invite agents all over the country, the following is our import certificate, welcome to all local people.