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Corporate culture

Rule of life: like horses, sharp eyesight, quick action, struggle, and self-improvement.
Rules of execution: something is done and something is not.
Principles of life: neither discontent with reality nor content with the status quo.
Core competitiveness: quality, service, technology, efficiency, innovation and integrity.
Quality concept: there is no best, only better.
Service concept: customer first and attentive service.
Technical concept: continuous professional and continuous lead.
Efficiency concept: static like a child, moving like a rabbit.
Innovative ideas: the development of the company, reliance on innovation.
Team rules: no one is less.
Management guidelines: first ask accountability.
Customer service criteria: first grab, re repair, post theory.
Employment criteria: those who are able, who are inferior, and those who are inferior.
Employee rule: learn to be a man, do things again, and work afterwards.
Market criteria: profit is not allowed to market.
Products: what we do is technology, quality, service, efficiency and innovation.