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About us
Shandong Qingfeng animal husbandry technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1997, has 200 employees, 30 million yuan registered capital, 4 million yuan of fixed assets, 20 million yuan of floating capital and 60 million yuan in annual sales. The company is located in Jinan, a beautiful spring city. It has a marketing department at No. 127 Jiwei Road in the middle of the city. The office area is located in 313 of the comprehensive office building of the provincial animal husbandry bureau at No. 68 Huaicun Street.
The company is the general agent of Taibang Company in China, vice chairman of Shandong Animal Husbandry Association and executive director of Shandong Dairy Association.
The company has developed and developed plastic products. It has been put into production with disposable long arm animal gloves (coat and anti epidemic shoe cover). This glove (coat, anti epidemic shoe cover) is a environmental protection material. It has no pollution, easy decomposition, good scalability, good hand feeling and various hand types. It is very suitable for the use of various cattle farms in China and abroad. It can also be based on the use of various cattle farms in China and abroad. Need to pre-formulate suitable for customers hand gloves, we will be the best quality for you to do the best service to meet your highest needs.
The company is mainly engaged in importing animal nutrition licking, imported from Germany, Italy and other countries. It is the largest liquid nitrogen sales unit in Shandong. Meanwhile, the company also sells imported dairy frozen semen, imported dairy cow frozen semen and all kinds of domestic dairy frozen semen. Pasture uses synchronized estrus veterinary drugs, liquid nitrogen cans, kicking sticks, obstetric devices, etc.

Integrity, unity, innovation and progress are the criteria adopted by Shandong Qingfeng animal husbandry technology Co., Ltd. The company always adhere to the guiding principle of "high technology, reputation and brand building". We are willing to cooperate with you and create brilliance together.