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Company profile
Shandong Qingfeng animal husbandry technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1997, is now the vice president of the Shandong animal husbandry association and the vice president of the Dairy Association of Shandong animal husbandry association.
The main business of the company:
Lok Chi Lok brick, China's general agent
UK wide dairy company dairy cow limb hoof series health care products - China general agent
Shandong Qingfeng animal husbandry technology Co., Ltd. veterinary drug production and R & D base
Shandong Qingfeng animal husbandry technology Co., Ltd. Animal Husbandry Equipment Factory
Shandong Qingfeng animal husbandry technology Co., Ltd. dairy demonstration farm
Shandong ante animal husbandry technology Co., Ltd., located in the Shanghe Economic Development Zone in Ji'nan, covers an area of 18004 square meters, with a building area of 6000 flat, which is a comprehensive modern scientific and technological enterprise integrating scientific research, production, development and sales. With powder powder, disinfectant, bath liquid and other 4 production lines, there are 36 veterinary drugs, in 2017, the office area, factory, equipment and other upgrading, through the new version of GMP certification and environmental assessment acceptance. Shandong ante development and development of animal husbandry plastic products, now put into production and sales of disposable long arm animal gloves, seminal gun coat, foot sleeve, vas deferens, ear mark and so on, with excellent quality and service in the country to win a better reputation and rapid development.

Shandong Thai State animal husbandry science and Technology Co., Ltd., is a planned investment of 10 million in the Sino British joint venture. The factory is located in Jiang Ji Zhen, Ningyang County, with an area of more than 30 mu of industrial land. The plant and office building are under construction. The imported equipment has been booked, mainly producing animal feed and feed additives and so on.



Ningyang Fengqing pasture covers an area of 150 mu, with an area of 1000 mu, with a registered capital of 1 million yuan and a total investment of about forty million. With advanced pasture equipment and advanced management concept, there are thousands of modern dairy cows on the existing dairy cows, which are a demonstration base of organic milk. Most of the feed comes from pasture organic plant pasture base and world class imported raw materials, and the British original imported lick licks are used to supplement the trace elements of cattle. The contents of various beneficial trace elements in organic milk were increased. The production of advanced self-propelled TMR diet feeding and the world's advanced feeding technology, equipped with high efficient automatic milking equipment of fefjin double row, has become a modern scale farming pasture in Ningyang county.



Shandong Fengqing Logistics Co., Ltd. undertakes the transportation tasks of feed, breeding pigs and piglets of Wen's Group in Shandong, with a total investment of 30 million yuan. In order to better cooperate with Wenshi group's transportation business in Shandong, Fengqing logistics company customizes the professional transportation of piglet vehicles, customizes the professional bulk feed transportation vehicles and other vehicles more than 50 sets. In 2017, the transportation business has steadily risen, and has received praise from wentin group and the vast majority of farmers.



Shandong Qingfeng hoof health service department, with more than ten technicians with years of experience, is equipped with a number of dedicated hoofs, and has signed a long hoof contract with Yili and other large pastures.



Shandong Qingfeng, with continuous innovation spirit and down to earth work standard, is constantly practising, providing benefits for animals, raising benefits for breeding, adding brick and tile to the animal husbandry industry in China, contributing to the scientific development of the breeding industry.